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Screencast on How To Use Greenshot

Recently, I have been introduced to Greenshot, a free program that allows users to take full or partial screenshots, then go on to manipulate these screenshots in its built-in image editor program. It is because I often have difficulty with technology that I am in awe of Greenshot, which is a tremendously easy program to use, and its image editor is very user-friendly and fun to play around with as well. Continue reading “Screencast on How To Use Greenshot”


Illustrated Procedure – How to Make Polvorones (Mexican Wedding Cookies)

2017-02-11 13_04_39-2017-02-11 13_04_16-Mexican Wedding Cookies _ Another Christmas Treat! 1 1_2 cup.png

I have recently tried these little cookies and am eager to share them with everyone I know, including you, dear reader. Polvorones, also known as Mexican wedding cookies, are a popular holiday shortbread dessert in nations such as Mexico, Spain and the Philippines. This recipe is for the beginner who does not have much time to spend in the kitchen, but will not settle for anything less than mouthwatering cookies. Continue reading “Illustrated Procedure – How to Make Polvorones (Mexican Wedding Cookies)”

SEO Post – 5 Best Ways to Manage Stress

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This post fulfills the SEO Post requirement for my New Media course, so it has virtually nothing to do with new media. Technology, however, can at times overwhelm one; it overwhelms me all the time, after all. These five best ways to manage stress; therefore, can certainly apply to the stresses of various technologies, especially new media rather than old media.

Continue reading “SEO Post – 5 Best Ways to Manage Stress”

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