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Janet H. Murray

Janet Murray’s Contributions to New Media

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After exploring Janet H. Murray’s website and blog more thoroughly, I was astounded at the sheer amount of digital media material she discusses, primarily pertaining to interactive narratives, as well as the sheer amount of projects developed by her company eTV Lab, Experimental Television Lab, at Georgia Tech.

If you’d like to immerse yourself in Ms. Murray’s “Don’t Open that Door” project, centering on interactive narrative and set in the world of the tv series Supernatural,¬†please visit my article. As promised, I will be discussing another of her projects and her further¬†contributions to new media in this post.

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Janet Murray’s Supernatural World

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Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Janet Murray, author of Inventing the New Medium, created a project titled “Don’t Open That Door” that centers around my favorite television series Supernatural. Triple that surprise when I immersed myself in the article and went away with a soul full of fascination and delight. I will be delving into the project’s accompanying article in this post, including its enticing points of interest and the concepts it introduces. Even if you don’t know of the show or of Murray, this is surely an article to check out. Continue reading “Janet Murray’s Supernatural World”

What is New Media? An Extended Definition

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Simply put, new media tends to be digital media: any form of media that allows a person to not only immerse themselves but also construct their own unique identity. Old media, in contrast, is what we know as books, radio programs and television; in other words, we are not able to interact with these forms of media, nor represent ourselves within them (unless we ourselves are the creators). New media allows its user to add to, critique and in a sense find themselves in the creator’s material. New media, then, is uniquely not restricted to the creator alone. Continue reading “What is New Media? An Extended Definition”


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Using forms of new media allow us to achieve a sense of belonging, and in order to do this we must first grasp a better understanding of the world around us. Computers, perhaps more than any other technology, help bridge the figurative and literal gap between people. As various narratives are shared on the internet, barriers are breached and cultures are learned. Instead of a breakdown in communication, an understanding is achieved.¬† Continue reading “Narrative”

Views on New Media

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Janet H. Murray, Lev Manovich and Tony Chalkley offer some enlightening perspectives on what new media is and how it both creates and serves. Continue reading “Views on New Media”

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