Media Frenzy was created by a girl in her early twenties who is finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in History, loves to read and is passionate about writing, and genuinely wants to improve her technology skills which are seriously lacking. I tend towards being a perfectionist, which is perhaps why this blog may appear mysteriously too meticulous.

At the moment, I am intensely interested in narratives as they pertain to digital media, and especially interactive media, both of which are truly dazzling to me. Being an avid writer, I am mesmerized by storytelling, and the more immersive and magical it is the better. Come join me as I wade through my New Media for Tech Comm course, and stick around for my adventures hopefully thereafter…

Additionally, if you’re wondering how my header image could possibly pertain to the subject of this blog, just think of Media Frenzy as a leisurely, no pressure stroll through the frenzies of media and technology.