Recently, I have been introduced to Greenshot, a free program that allows users to take full or partial screenshots, then go on to manipulate these screenshots in its built-in image editor program. It is because I often have difficulty with technology that I am in awe of Greenshot, which is a tremendously easy program to use, and its image editor is very user-friendly and fun to play around with as well.

Pertaining to my course, screenshots are a form of new media in that they enable users to quickly save shots of their screen, without actually having to take a picture. Screencasts are also a form of new media in that videos tend to be user-friendly and are an immensely popular way to learn how to do something, in that they offer a viable and tantalizing alternative to simply reading how to do something, which can often be tedious.


Thank you for watching!

Also, refer to screencast-o-matic if you’d like to make your own free screencasts.

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