Media Frenzy was created as a portfolio for my course New Media for Tech Comm; however, it is just as importantly a place for me to showcase different forms of new media that I come across.

As I am still relatively new to the technology world in general, this site is strictly for beginners and will document anything and everything I come across even remotely technology related. My intense interest in immersing myself in computer-related technology especially has spurred me on to tackle this course, and my thirst is multiplying as my knowledge of this world expands.

Regardless of my limited technology skills, the focus will remain centered on new media, which is put simply: digital media. In addition, one must consider that all media considered old now was in fact new when it was first developed, so I will also celebrate the forms of old media that have expanded into or inspired new media. In order to celebrate the new, we must honor the old.

Long story short, the purpose of this blog is to educate those who know little about new media and desire a basic understanding of its components and characteristics in order to open up new doors. If I manage to do this right, then maybe you’ll learn about the varied and ever-changing world of new media right along with me, albeit with a little patience.

Welcome to Media Frenzy and I hope you enjoy your stay.